rooted in good.

It all starts with the soil. As a regenerative farm, we embrace practices that help to nurture the land, which in turn produces nutrient dense, well-balanced cannabis. It takes a community — from our goats and chickens, all the way down to the beneficial insects and microbes — all working together symbiotically with our mother earth. With these practices we hope to set a higher standard, not only with cannabis, but towards agriculture at large.


cold water hash.

Using only water, we extract the trichomes and terpenes from the plant to capture a full spectrum, supplement grade extract. This is the base for all our infused products, and is great for smoking, vaping, or making your own infused products at home.

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cold water cones.

Our Cold Water Cones are an artisan-curated blend of cold water hash and cannabis flower. And you can feel good knowing that these pre-rolls come packaged in a tube made from 100% reclaimed ocean plastic.

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