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Every cannabis cook should have a granola recipe in their repertoire. Versatile, healthy and packed with energy, granola is a perfect delivery vehicle for cannabis medication. Sprinkle it on fruit and yogurt in the morning, or as a snack throughout the day for a consistent level of pain relief.

Joe Kenwabikise, a Cannabis Cup-winning chef in Ann Arbor, offers this insanely good recipe for ganja granola, which pairs beautifully with medicated fruit sorbets for a refreshing summer dessert.

If you’re looking for a decadently delicious granola bar, check out this recipe for vegan, gluten-free “Road Trip Bars”from Brandi at Green Gold Bakery in Los Angeles. Perfect for a summer camping trip, these bars are packed with flavor and have a moist, chewy texture thanks to the nut butter and honey.

As the cannabis edibles industry expands, patients are finding more healthy options on dispensary shelves. Check out these six awesome ganja granolas for a healthy alternative to sugar-laden medicated baked goods.